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New "6516" prefix for NUS Phonenet from 1st September 2005

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that our upgrading of the campus telephone system has been progressing smoothly. We shall be making arrangements with your department phone administrators to upgrade your phone sets soon.

With the introduction of the IP Telephony system, a new prefix "6516" will now be available from 1st September onwards. You will be able to use this new "6516" number and retain your current extension number.

As an illustration, if your extension is 1234 and your current number is 6874 1234, you will now have a new phone number 6516 1234 from 1st September 2005. All external callers will be able to reach you by dialing either 6516 1234 or 6874 1234.

For staff whose phone numbers do not begin with 6874, they will not be affected by the new system. We would like to suggest that you start using the new number for all your stationery, web sites and other media where your contact information is mentioned.

For your convenience, we will be activating Singtel's Called Number Announcement (CNA) service from 1st May 2006 till 1st July 2006. Voice announcements will be made to inform callers of your new "6516" number. Your existing "6874" number will be discontinued after 1st July 2006.

For common queries please click here or contact your department's Phone Administrator.


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