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     Top 10 Questions
Q1: How do I retrieve my Voice Mail?
Ans: 1. Press the Button on your Ip phone
2. Enter your IP Tel Pin number follow by the "#" key.
3. Follow the instructions on the voice server to retrieve your voicemail.
Q2: What is my iptel pin? And how do I retrieve it if I forget it?
Ans: 1. If this is the first time you are using your iptel pin, please enter "000000" (six zeros).
2. If you have forgotten your iptel pin, Please visit
3. Click on E-services > "forgot your Iptel pin?"
4. At the next page, click on "Click here" and log in using your NUSNet User ID and password.
5. An email containing your iptel pin will be send to your NUS email account.
Q3: How do I make an IDD call? Do I need to apply before I can make the call?
Ans: Please refer to this website for more information.
Q4: My voicemail is locked, how do I unlock it?
Ans: 1. The system unlocks the voicemail after 30 minutes. Please wait for 30 minutues before trying to login to the voicemail system again.
2. If you have forgotten your iptel pin, please proceed to this website to retrieve your pin.
3. Click on E-Services -> "Forgot your IPTel Pin?".
Q5: How I do change my iptel display name?
Ans: Please approach your dept phone admin.
He/she can submit a service request via BOSS to update your display name.
Q6: How do I request for a new ip phone?
Ans: Please approach your Dept Phone admin.
He/she can submit a product request via BOSS to apply for a new ip phone and extension.

Once approved by the Dept approver, the IPTel team will contact the user to fix an appointment for the installation.
Q7: How do I check who is the owner of the extension number?
Ans: 1. Please visit this website:
2. Click on "Usage Info" > "NUS Staff Directory"
3. Enter the Ext number under "Find a person" and click on "Search".
4. You will be able to the see the owner of the extension you just entered.
Q8: How do I register speed dial number for my ip phone?
Ans: 1. To configure speed dials > go to
2. Click on "E- Services" > "IPTel Option Settings" > "Click Here" >
3. Log in using your staff ID and IP Tel Pin number
4. Inside the iptel option settings page, click Add/update your speed dials
5. On the speed Dial 1 field enter the Extension Number for internal call or include "9" follow by Destination Number for External call
6. For the display text field enter a name to identify this ext.
7. Click on update to save the record.
Q9: What to do when there is a error message "Configuring IP " appearing on
       the IP Phone
Ans: 1. Please turn off the IP Phone, unplug the network cable of the IP phone and plug in again. Then turn on the IP Phone again.
2. If problem persist, please try connecting your IP Phone to another network point that is working for the other IP Phone.
3. If IP Phone is working fine using the other network point, please contact ITCare to report the network point problem.
4. If the IP Phone is not working on other network point as well, please report the faulty IP Phone to the Dept phone admin.
Q10: How do I turn off the red light on the phone when it keeps lighting up even
        though the voicemail are all checked?
Ans: On the IP Phone keypad, punch in the number "09016001" and press Dial.


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